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From the day I was born, until I die

My Own

Tsarina and Autocrat of All Hedgehogs
8 October
Well, if you're looking at this information, chances are you're wondering who the heck is this crazy person. You may even know me in real life, but you also just may have been disturbed/amused by my antics and wandered over to read about me.

So, the basics: I am a Senior Math major with a Classics Minor (well, or the equivalent thereof: a "certificate of advanced study") at Carleton College in Northfield Minnesota. I, having grown up in North Carolina, find Minnesota far too cold for any sane person and am frequently seen walking around campus in several layers of clothing, topped with a long black wool coat that I have dubbed my "witch-coat". The end result is that I look vaguely like I belong in The Witches, particularly when I have the hood up. I currently reside in the lovely Science Fiction and Fantasy Interest House, in which we do scary, scary things. Like watch the Buffy Musical and sing along, or ::gasp!:: read books for fun!

As for my personality, I think I can safely say that I am a normal human worm baby. I like to do normal human worm baby like things, such as reading (lots, and lots of reading. This is essential) and pelting people with stuffed animals. I love classics (enough so that I considered making my username Sulpicia, after the fantastic Latin poetess), and have gained a rather strange liking of things such as eye-gouging from my time as a classicist. I don't really know what else to say, other than to suggest that if there's snow outside when you're reading this you should go and make a snow slushie (like a milk-shake, but with snow. It's very yummy!). Therefore I will leave you with simply:

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Actually, I lied. I thought I was done. I even had the Hitchhiker's quote and everything. But in actuallity I forgot to tell you a few very important details:

1) I've been officially sorted into the Ravenclaw House at platform_934! I wear my house with pride!

{ wear }

2) I <3 Buffy (the show). If you want to know all the ways how, here's my Buffy Geek Code is: OSFWi+++(Ijust want to keep her around for . . . platonic geek bonding!) FG++FO++++VAus++DWa+++DK++DR++DC+S++++MU+++N_CS(A/B,W/O,W/T)++US++FF++SP---W++II+I-3.20

OK, now that's all. Well, accept for my credits.

Current Layout: My currently layout is a ravenclaw layout made by me with the help of the lovely people at s2flexisquares. The banner was made for me by the lovely hermintage in hh_flourish using a sketch of "Hogwarts Jissa" drawn by unwoundfantasy. I will <3 these two forever!

Current Mood Theme: Potterpuffs!!! By which I mean, my current mood theme is made entirely from potterpuffs drawn by asyndeta and available at potterpuffs. You should all go check them out as they absolutely adorable!

Brushes: brushes by dtissagirl and crumblingwalls used on all of the icons made be me.

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